Evolv Immun

Evolv Immun

What is Evolv Immun?

Evolv Immun contains Acemannan, nature's most natural molecule

A proprietary concentration of the most immune-activating Acemannan fractions from the inner leaf gel of the Aloe Vera plant

"Smart" immune-modulating impact may help the body lower overactive immune systems or activate sluggish ones

Since the beginning of recorded time, the Aloe Vera plant was a staple in ancient medicine in cultures around the world.1, 2 Records from the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Arabs, Africans, and Asians validate its broad base of uses and benefits.3, 4 These benefits resulted from both its topical and internal uses. And due to this rich history in topical wound healing, Aloe Vera gel was first researched by the Atomic Energy Commission in the 1940s.5 Test results on fresh Aloe Vera gel showed it to be one of the only substances to support a healing effect from beta radiation burns...

Acemannan is comprised mainly of mannose, a monosacchride that is necessary for the proper structure and function of every cell in the human body and essential for proper functioning immune system. In fact, when a woman becomes pregnant, she converts high amounts of glucose into free mannose and small Acemannan type structures to aid in the development of her child’s immune system and in the support of proper gut health. High levels of mannose is a major factor that distinguishes human breast milk from any other mammal milk and is a key ingredient missing in baby formulas... read more by downloading documents below.

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